A year in bullet points


One long, lean, learning curve – that’s what 2015 has been: a year when emotions ran as high in my personal world as the summer temperature did in the larger one. As they say, each new experience is an upheaval – cards thrown up in the air with no clue of which way they would fall. That one survived to tell the tale seems a miracle – at times.

Who was it that said, every challenge survived is a lesson learned? Going by that, I am many lessons wiser now. Lessons big and small – some vital, some so-so, some I wish I didn’t have to learn. 

So without much ado, and because I’m a compulsive talker, let me list out the better lessons I learned, for whatever they are worth. 

I learned –

  • that I am capable of much more than I had thought all along
  • and much less too
  • that being closer to 50 than 40 brings with it a sense of urgency
  • that my body has a mind of its own 
  • and so does my mind
  • and that at times neither listens to reason
  • that guilt is most often misplaced 
  • and should be let go
  • that the next hardest thing to live with (after guilt) is regret  
  • mostly over things left undone
  • that it’s ok to ask 
  • even at the risk of being refused
  • that it’s also important to have fun
  • that time does pass 
  • and what was important then may no longer be 
  • and what once seemed trivial can suddenly become oh-so-vital
  • that there’s really such a thing as goodness
  • and that it comes from the most unexpected of places
  • that there’s no such thing as too many good books
  • and that the mere presence of some is therapeutic 
  • that I love travelling
  • that I love photography too, among other things
  • that my bucket list is fated to getting longer by the hour
  • that sometimes there are no answers to ‘why’
  • and that that’s okay too
  • that life just might decide to grab me by the throat and stare me down every so often
  • and that at such times, the best I can do is to stare right back, without blinking
  • and hope that life will give up before I do
  • that anxiety call kill – both people and relationships
  • but that just before I give up, it is important to give one last try 
  • that honesty is still the best policy
  • that music is still good for the soul
  • that it’s as necessary to accept help as it is to offer
  • that it is possible to forgive and be forgiven
  • but not necessarily easy
  • that I’m not above feeling jealous
  • or petty, or selfish 
  • but that I can keep trying to be better than I am
  • that there is such a thing as overdoing apology
  • that I need to treat myself with kindness
  • that I like wearing saris
  • that I like wearing high heels too, sometimes 
  • and that I can wear them both without waiting for an excuse
  • that it’s possible to be happy for no reason
  • and sad too, for the same no-reason
  • that growing older is not as scary as it is made out to be 
  • that going grey is cool 
  • but gaining weight bothers me
  • that I really love my morning walks
  • that it’s good to take the camera instead of the mobile sometimes
  • that I need people in my life – family, friends, acquaintances, even strangers
  • that peace, prosperity and good health are indeed important
  • that I need to get better at counting my blessings
  • that as cliched as it sounds, to live and love are the two most important things in life
  • and that I have to remember it, always 

Onward to 2016!




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