Doorways: Saeed Al Maktoum House


I keep looking for history in a nation that is all of 44 years old, and my search invariably takes me to Heritage Village in the Al Shindagha area of Dubai.

One structure I am particularly fond of is Saeed House – a house built in traditional Arabic style, complete with corridors, staircases, wind towers and majlis. This was the residence of the Al Maktoum ruling family till 1958, and is now a museum that houses many interesting artefacts, photographs and documents from an era that preceded the rapid urbanisation the city is currently witnessing.

I am strangely attracted to the spaces in and around Saeed House: and I find the interplay of light and shadows fascinating. Though very different, they remind me of my childhood, and the houses in my neighbourhood.

This is an ode to doorways, for no particular reason except that they speak to me, sometimes. Maybe it’s nostalgia, memories of what was once familiar, that connects one to a space?












4 thoughts on “Doorways: Saeed Al Maktoum House

      1. Yes, actually. Off Twitter and Facebook. But please feel free to share the link as you please. I like it when someone likes what I do. 🙂

        I’m really sorry to hear about your father. I hope things come back to normal soon. My prayers.


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