It’s winter in the desert…soon!

WP_20151119_001grab the summer

by its roots


pull until it lay


on the sand

show no mercy

it’s time

to make way

for winter


My on-again-off-again morning walk has its moments.

It had been ‘off-again’ for a while, so yesterday morning I decided to break the dry spell and accompanied my better half to the park. It was still dark, but I noticed that in my absence, the marigold flowerbeds had flourished. I tried to click pictures, but my Nokia 520 refused to acknowledge the beauty of street light falling on orange flowers – instead what I got was a lot of black with a few orange smudges.

So today I went in broad morning light, determined to get a few good shots of those lovely flowerbeds that make my walk a pleasure. I must have been a hundred yards from the park when I came across a lady a carry bag full of marigold plants. Which was kind of intriguing because I had never seen such a sight before in this part of the world.

In Dubai, when we buy plants, they comes in prim, perforated plastic pots. When we need soil to grow them in, it comes all the way from Holland in sturdy plastic bags. You get what I mean.

When I reached the park, there were more people with bunches of marigold plants clutched in their hands, a look of mild triumph on their sweaty faces.

That did not seem to bode well for the plants, somehow.

And I wasn’t wrong. When I reached my flower beds, they were bare, with just a few withering flowers and uprooted plants littering them. The drip irrigation tubes lay as if abandoned on the sand. All traces of summer/autumn was being erased to make space for the approaching winter.

No more yellows and reds and oranges of summer/autumn. Only winter colours from now on…pink and purple and white and – Well, winter colours.

So much for my Marigold Flower-bed Photography Ambitions 2015!

Who was it that said, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade out of them? So here’s the rest of the lemonade – no, story.   A heartwarming one.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few thousands, for whatever they are worth.

Upended summer dreams…
…being swept away…
…ready to be dumped.
Gathered by eager hands…
How do you abandon dreams?
No, you carry them with you…
And so I did…
…to add a touch of red to my green and purple garden, for as long as it lasts.

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