A Legacy

shoes 'n ships

An old post, revived. Because, for no apparent reason, Radhika has been in my mind since morning. It was Shiva who suggested I write about this in my blog.  He has been my sounding board for the past more-than-twenty years, my eternally patient husband.  As usual, I’d been going on about seemingly random topics that connect with each other only in my head, and the talk came to my friend Radhika, and her role in my life.  That was when Shiva asked me why I did not write about it.

Well, why didn’t I?

I have always been exceptionally rich and fortunate when it comes to people.  I cannot honestly say I know many, but among those I do know are some incredibly beautiful people.  And each of them has left her/his mark on me.  Maybe I’ll write about each of them some day, but today it’s Radhika’s turn, for whatever…

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