Written by Mrs Renuka Nandini: a great colleague, a lovely human being and a wonderful mom to two exceptional daughters, one of whom I have had the privilege of teaching.

Thank you, Renuka Ma’am, for graciously allowing me to use your snippets as a guest post in my blog. I’m honoured.

1.  ‘Poetry lover stabs friend for preferring prose’ reads the headlines….

If this trend continues, you better agree with whatever your friend says! Or if you have to disagree, make sure there aren’t any sharp tools lying around.

Just imagine, you and your friend go out for a walk, and want to decide whether to have coffee or tea or juice. Better agree to the friends preference or else… Or think about a shopping trip with a friend. Both of you have to end up with the same items, choosing not to annoy the other!

Because, who wants to be at the sharp end of a sharp object??

Moral : Know your friend well so you make informed choices… to avoid being stabbed – fatally or otherwise.

2. The news item ‘ bird steals camera, films flight’ had me thinking.  It states that the bird captured ‘ fascinating footage’ of its flight – all of 110 Kms! Wonder how long that took! You mean, the camera charge lasted that long?? So why is it that only when I want to shoot/ capture something for posterity that my camera quietly shuts down? Making me feel guilty for not feeding it enough… and frustrated because the moment has passed!

Now, back to the cheeky bird. Along the way the bird caught itself peering into the lens! Was it checking if the captured scenes were intact?

All you photographers and videographers, move aside please. Look for other professions – the birds are taking over. They get better view and better coverage – a bird’s eye view?

I wrote the following as soon as I heard the news of my young cousin’s death. He was just 38.

3.           Here today gone tomorrow

              The young life snuffed out

               By one of life’s vagaries,

                     The quirk of fate

                Leaving all near and dear in sorrow..

                             If only we can

                             Understand the ways of the Almighty

                             If only we had taken that one step ahead

                             To keep in touch more often

                              If only we could calm our troubled, sorrowful minds…..

                  May God give us strength to accept His decisions

                  May God give us the courage to bear the loss

                  May God give us the ability to get on with life

                  May God, in His immense kindness bestow His benevolence

                                To do our duty

                                To carry out His commands

                                To give our best

                                To help ourselves and others


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