For Your Information


Take a bunch of tech-heads. You know the kind I mean – those smart young men and women in their designer glasses who tap away at keyboards, their eyes glued to the screen in front of them… Yes, them.

Now gently prise out the laptops from under their fingers. Replace them with another set of tools – paints, brushes, charcoal pencils, markers, camera… And wait. For the magic.

Lines, colours, light, shadows…life in all its vivid hues… That’s what you get! Art as fresh and young as the artists themselves.

Organised by ‘Gems’, the design team of  Kochi Infopark-based RapidValue, an exhibition titled For Your Information (FYI) held from June 6 to 10 at Durbar Hall Art Gallery, Kochi was an unexpected treat for art enthusiasts. From line drawings and water colours to charcoal sketches, acrylics, photographs and installations, the exhibition left few contemporary art forms unexplored.

I was intrigued when one afternoon when Melvin and his co-conspirator Dr Gopalakrishnan J Prakash, HR Director at RapidValue, explained the FYI concept to me. I had met them at the office of Red FM – Kochi at the invitation of my friend Dhanya Sree Krishna. Dhanya is Regional Head – Programmes at Red FM, and shares my childish enthusiasm for all things fascinating: be it art, music, movies or travel.

[An aside: I have this one major complaint about Dhanya. She invariably has my favourite songs as her caller tunes, and she makes me listen to them so much that they end up setting my teeth on edge. That’s what happened to ‘Anal mele pani thuli…’. That once-lovely Tamil song got kicked out unceremoniously from my playlist a couple of weeks ago.]

Back to FYI.

The idea was to endeavour a sustainable development program from RapidValue table; to provide an ongoing platform for ‘talented artists whose day jobs involved designing beautiful and highly functional software for mobile and web’ to showcase their creativity.

Boy, did they do it in style!  And they don’t have plans to rest on their laurels now that they have pulled it off.

“We hope that with the successive versions of FYI, we will be able to widen its scope to encompass various segments of the society,” says Gopalakrishnan.

And that’s not all. They also spoke to me about the various social responsibility initiatives they have been undertaking.  Which, by the way, includes visiting orphanages and spending time with young adults there, teaching them the basics of art and web-designing. “They value the time you spend with them,” vouches Melvin.

Truth be told, I too had preconceived notions about ‘today’s youth’ and techies – like many in my generation. And at least a couple of them were unsavoury. But meeting Gems team and understanding them were an eye-opener. These youngsters practice what they don’t waste time preaching!

And yes. All is well with the world.

Participating artists:

Melvin Thambi, Rony Anand, Anup M, Sujith Kumar K.S., Anugeeth Wayanad, Hari Krishnan, Saranya Remanan, Mathukutty Xavier, Jijo Joseph, Jibin Joseph, Arun K.A., Amal Tomy, Sminu Joseph and Anjali Raveendran.

They are all from RapidValue.

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