Imagine a forest. And imagine it from the floor.

Floor that is mostly covered mostly with moist dead brown leaves. Except where the dappled sunlight hits. There, there is grass…and moss…and small herbs and bulbs and ferns and god-knows-what, all growing close to the ground… Some with beautiful blooms, others just a lush green. Soft under the feet or hurtful without intent.

Now work your way up.

There are the shrubs. Wiry, obstinate… thorny at times and sappy at others. Flowers, fruits, berries… some sweet, some sour…all colourful. Some even capable of killing… Only in self-protection, mind you. There is no active malice. Just like all those myriad species of fauna that inhabit them abundantly.

Look up and acknowledge the trees. The ones that started their journey as a tiny seed that was rubbed off a bird’s beak. Now standing tall. Providing shade… or blocking sunlight? That is debatable. Standing tall was never a choice for the tree – it is its inherent nature. It was meant to be tall even while it was sleeping inside its hard seed shell.

Then there are the parasites – or the not-parasites that have a symbiotic relationship with their hosts the trees. The ones with large showy flowers that attract all kinds of living beings to the tree…

All a part of a thriving ecosystem. One where every little blade, every falling leaf has its role to play.

Now comes the question: Who, in essence, represents the forest…?

The tree? The shrub? Or the grass that lines the floor? Or the multitude of birdsanimalsinsects that inhabit the flora?
Well…does it matter, my friend?

Isn’t it enough that we have this wonderful ecosystem?



*Image courtesy Google


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