This and That


…or whatever else you choose to call them – bits and bobs…odds and ends…stuff.

Just random thoughts that gather as words, somewhere between the heart and the head.

At times wispy, wistful… Like mist in a valley, just before day break. So tender that they scurry away at the sound of the first silver ray approaching the sky…

Thick, grey and menacing at others, like angry rainclouds. Only a deluge that drowns all rational thought can calm one down.

Sometimes. Just. Words. 

Words without agenda. Take it or leave it.

Here’s something to start with:



at the loud colours

lights sounds

the dream

wandered away

on tiny bare feet…



by stars that danced

on dark serene depths

across cold steel bars…


Only to be found

by strange, gentle hands

that led him back

to where he started…


…as he continued to sleep.


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