On writing

Image courtesy Google
Image courtesy Google

Work. Till the shoulders ache and the mind is too numb for thoughts. Churn out words – the kind that march to order. Straight-jacketed, words sans emotions. Double check everything. The Google is your lord and master. Cite sources…and oh yes, no adjectives, please! Just trained words that do their job…and go back to the barracks without fuss at sunset…

You sigh with relief – now that you have it all under control. And so to bed. 

The attack begins then. Of those other words. Words that lay in wait for darkness to fall – small, wild and buzzing.Those with the sly patience of a true hunter, brutal in their intensity. There are no rules, nor any mercy.

Until they walk away. Triumphantly, dancing to primitive drumbeats. Carrying on their shoulders the carcass of your sleep.

And you begin to write


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