The Milk of Human Kindness!!

0Today, I came across the first piece of REAL nastiness in a long time. Here’s the story:

Got down at Business Bay to return home with my better half. Rushed towards the lift that had just two people inside – a man and a lady. I pressed the down button from outside just as the lift was about to close, heaving a sigh, and smiling gratefully at the man who was also pressing a button from inside. 

The doors stubbornly closed on my bewildered face, and I saw the man inside grinning triumphantly. That was when I noticed – he was pressing the ‘close’ button with all his might. And of course he won.

He reached the check-in/out style a minute before me, checked out and walked away, still grinning. I was so tempted to run behind him and congratulate him, but then common sense (that annoying thing that occassionally surfaces, weakening you) prevailed, and I walked to the opposite side.

So much for the milk of human kindness…


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