A Love Affair

Words and I – we are like a couple of long-time lovers who have just moved in together. We’ve been flirting with each other for as long as I can recall, smiling, frowning, sharing secrets, whispering sweet nothings, dreaming grand dreams, singing around mango trees…the works.

Our relationship has never been an easy one, though. There are times when words just buzz around in my head senselessly, forming a congealed mess like instant noodles left to boil for too long. At other times, they meander gracefully out of the mind, giving form and shape to everything I hear, see and sense – vivid, bright, sparkling like a stream in mid-morning sun.

I see people in words, experience situations in words. Sometimes they are words that exist in the dictionary, and at other times, well, they are like those shapes you see when you stare at the sun for too long – formless, just out of reach… We have been carrying on in this vein for too long.

And now we have moved in together, finally. The first flush of excitement is over, and suddenly I realize that there is a continental shift in our relationship. We hardly flirt now – things are too serious between us. Our fights now are more vicious, and there are times when we refuse to even look at each other, sick and disgusted as we are with our own company. And then of course there are moments of intense, passionate love.

I don’t know what the future has in store for us, but then that’s life. And anyway, we are yet to reach that defining moment. It will come, eventually. I know that. Until then, though, let me make the best of it.


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