A Metro Thought


As it has been for the past couple of weeks, Aditya and I were returning from the summer camp at Ahmedia Art Gallery.  We got past the stiles at Al Ras station without a hitch by swiping the NOL cards, and headed to the platform where we sat and talked till the train came. In the train too, we were busy, talking and listening to music.  At Al Nahda we got out  – and there we found out that my son had left his wallet (and the NOL card in it) God knew where. We were stuck on the wrong side of the stiles frantically searching through our bags and pockets for the missing wallet.

Panicking, we approached the RTA staff at the information counter and told them about our predicament.  We were directed to Dubai Police, to the people who were on duty on the platform.  We told them about the wallet that was probably still in the train.  What happened next was something that probably happened only in Dubai.

The policemen asked us for the details of the wallet, and even as we gave them, they started communicating the same on phone to somebody else. In a matter of minutes, they informed us that the said wallet was actually found at Al Ras station itself, near the bench where we were sitting. We could collect it from there if we went right then.

As I had a class to teach in less than an hour, I asked them if we could go the next day and pick it up.  We were told that in that case, we’d have to go to Burjuman station, where the Lost and Found section is.

Accordingly, we went there this morning, and were guided to the L & F, where some extremely helpful policemen asked Aditya to fill in the necessary forms and show his Emirates card for identification purposes.  That done, the wallet was returned to us, intact to the last fil!!!

I’m not sure if such a thing would have been possible in India or any other part of the world for that matter.  What I feel is profound gratitude – for the wallet and for the hope it gives about man’s goodness.

On a separate note, we got a phone call a while back from Dubai Police.  And Aditya is now on his way to Burjuman again –  to pick up his Emirates Card that we had left behind at the police desk in the Lost and Found this morning… 🙂


2 thoughts on “A Metro Thought

  1. Mini, interesting indeed. However, I must say that there are good people everywhere and I had a similar experience in Venice when I forgot my cameras worth three or four thousand Dollars in a train and Italy is well known for thieves. Last week, a friend of mine forgot a brand new laptop, mobile phone and cash in an auto in Bangalore and the autodriver returned everything intact when they were able to reach him on that phone after an hour or so. So, oases of goodness exist everywhere, even if they are fewer than we want them to be…..


  2. I agree completely. I have come across such touching instances of kindness all my life – surprising goodness from total strangers, whether it is Bombay, Tamilnadu, Kerala or Dubai. What I found different about the whole thing in this was the official attitude – the ease and speed with which the whole thing was taken care of. Seen a lot of obstructive behaviour on that front in India.


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