Of Losses


Of life and death we talked at length –

Let’s now talk of losses, my love.

Tell me not that you haven’t any;

Between smiles and beyond words

I see their glitter in unshed tears.


Me? I lost a deep green pool,

Some pink lotus blooms with golden hearts,

And dragonflies on glassy wings,

A large green frog with coral eyes

And grey rainclouds on azure skies.


Somewhere under an asphalt road

Are some sounds, much-loved, long-lost –

The tinkle of bells on oxen necks,

The thud of wooden wheels on rock,

And the muted strains of setting sun.


Once there were some heady scents

That I don’t seem to find any more –

Of paddy steaming on large wood stoves,

Of slushy mud and fresh cut hay,

And tulsi plant when rain has stopped.


I look around, but cannot find

The taste of drizzle on sunny morns.

The tangy bite of tender tamarind,

The bitter sweetness of raw guava…

Where, my love, have I lost all that?


The tentative touch of bare, wet feet

On mossy banks of a village pond,

The thrill of sudden, rain-drenched wind,

On burning face and weary heart –

They are gone, I know not where.


Some trees, some birds, a sunlit attic,

Some songs, some dreams, a heart-break or two?

Yes, there’s more, though I can’t recall…

And those, perhaps, are my greatest loss –

I’ve lost memories, my love.



12 thoughts on “Of Losses

  1. Memories are not lost, Mini; just put in cold storage for retrieval at the appropriate time….I look at it the other way, that you still have many memories worth recalling and revisiting……


  2. Thats probably the best poem I have ever read
    It is so magical. When I read ‘losses’ I thought it would be very typical. But you talked about the little wonderful things which was unexpected and pleasant.
    Wish I could write like this!


      1. Same here maam. I don’t think I’ll ever be inspired by any other teacher. Class 8C misses you a lot. We are sure we will never meet a teacher as wonderful as you.


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