A note of gratitude

The page is one torn off a standard ruled notebook from that time. The date says 4th Oct 1986. The poem is titled ‘Wish’ and starts with:
It’s been nice speaking to you,
Though for just a little while
It’s been nice watching you speak
Your eyes light up when you smile…
She was not my close friend, just an acquaintance from my previous college, a girl I had looked up to, but never known well. Meeting her in my new college had been a relief – one familiar face among the ocean of unfamiliar ones.I still remember the old, dilapidated, deserted bus stop…the alien-ness of a new college…the utter misery of a life that had plummeted out of my control…

She must have felt equally out of place there, and equally relieved to see my familiar face. So we got talking, and when the bus came, we got in. And it was from the moving bus that she had written this and given me.We remained casual friends for the rest of the time in college, happy in our casualness, and then walked our separate paths in life. I’m sure she had and still has no idea how much her little note has meant to me. I have clung to it for all these years – kind words that came to me at a time when I needed them the most.Shobhana J.M., I have no idea where you are, but wherever you are, know that I remember you with a lot of gratitude.


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