Close encounters of a different kind, again.

Mr. George is a school bus driver. He has been a widower for more than twenty-one years. His wife died twenty-five days after she gave birth to their second son, and now he has completed nursing. The elder one works in Dubai. Mr George says he did not consider remarriage for fear that his boys would not be treated well.

He is a happy man, without any complaints, and in less than fifteen minutes, he taught me a lot about life. He told me that he is thankful for what he has. “There’s no point in comparing ourselves to people who are better off than us – that will lead to misery. I’m just happy that I have what I have.”

He rues that today’s youngsters have a lot of knowledge, but no common sense. “Ask them where cow’s milk comes from and they’ll say supermarket. That’s because nobody has the time to hold their hands and show them goats and cows and trees anymore. We’re all busy…”

We parted as great friends, promising to run into each other some time. His USP in my eyes? He called me ‘moley’ (daughter) – nobody, apart from an aunt or two, calls me that anymore, at my age. 🙂

I’m grateful too – for Mr George and all the others I met today. I’m wiser, richer, humbler and happier because of them.



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