Purple Glory

I did try…

D’you remember the bright blue flowers

Of morning glory that had crept up

The old, brick wall we used to climb?

Remember how the tender blooms clung

To the peeling layers of whitewash lime

And crumbling brick and fallen mortar?


How we loved their sublime smiles

On sunny mornings, when the world spun slow!

So tender were they that the mid-morning sun

And the warm, playful, summer breeze

Were enough to wound their blue-veined skin.

We watched them die their silent death.


The sun moved up, and drained us out

Bored and tired, waiting for lunch

We idly plucked out the wilting blooms.

Soon they were balloons that we burst

On each other’s foreheads, yelling with glee.

They were lovely, yet we were kids…


Decades too late in this city of sand

Staring out of my two-roomed flat,

Beyond the glass and chrome I see

An arched gateway where lizards spy,

A rotting gate with rusted hinges,

And fragile dreams of purple glory.


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