The Blue Butterfly

On lazy afternoons, hiding from the world

Under the trees, on the broken wall

Of an old, dilapidated temple

I lie down, watching sunlight

Play hide and seek among the leaves

Of the ancient, stately trees,

And the green, graceful tree snake

Weave itself through the sprigs;

Listening to the shrill silence

Of dead leaves that line the earth.

And out of nowhere, you float in –

A flutter of blue on wings of black.

Afraid to breathe lest I scare you,

I watch in wonder as you pause

Thoughtfully for a moment or two

Above an open, red hibiscus.

Then, as if on second thoughts,

You float away, leaving me lone

In my restive, twilit realm,

And my heart skips a painful beat.


Were you real?  Or in my world

Of blacks and greens and browns and reds,

Was your blue just a reverie?

A flicker of peace that died?


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