Life’s Little Lessons…

I have the typical mother-y (can’t call it motherly!) attitude towards instant noodles – they are unhealthy until I am too lazy to cook. Only on such days when my senses are too dulled to think of what to cook that I admit that Top Ramen Curry Noodles are in fact tasty. So when today Aditya wanted that after coming from school, I protested.

“But why?” came the response. This is the single question word that gets repeated at least a dozen times on working days and at least three times as much on weekends in our house. I’ve even paid good money and bought a ‘fridge magnet that answers “Because I’m your mother, that’s why,” but to no avail.

That should answer all your existential questions.

 Not being in the mood for further arguments/explanations, I reluctantly said, “Alright. If you finish the idlis you’ve brought back from school, I’ll make noodles for you right after.” His face brightened and split in a huge grin. He warmed the idlis in the microwave himself and ate them in no time. In his happiness at getting his way, he forgot all about the rest of it – like the noodles themselves…

So now I’m waiting for a happy Aditya to come back from play. He might ask for the noodles or he might not. But his mom has learned a big lesson – sometimes, all it takes is a ‘Yes, I will’ to make a person happy. One might not even need to follow it up with action!


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