I’m in a limbo.

I’ve at last completed (at least, I’d like to think so) my maiden venture into authoring a full length novel and handed over the lot to my agent (as pretentious as it sounds, I do have an agent now!) who’s now sweating it out trying to find a publisher willing to give my manuscript a shot. Bored to death correcting term end papers, and too guilty to leave it all aside and have a ball, I’ve found a perfect escape – composing a ‘Dedication’ for my book-to-be – assuming that someday my ambitious scribble that’s as yet just a bunch of printed A4 sized sheets will evolve into a cuboid worthy of being called a ‘book’.

When they call out awards or prizes, they always do so in the reverse order.  It’s the in thing to do, you see.  So let me begin my dedication too in the same way…

  • Last, but not the least, to GEMS group of schools for providing me with a laptop and 40 good minutes in the school bus – without either, I’d never have reached this far.
  • To Our Own English High School, Dubai for the experience, and for the workload.  Without the former, I’d have been a lot poorer; without the latter, I’d have finished my book ages ago.
  • To my colleagues – both at the school and at the institutes before that.  You gave me those little insights without which this book would be oh-so-incomplete.
  • To my students, the adolescents as well as the adults, because of you, I learned way more than I taught.  I mean it – cross my heart and hope to die.
  • To Dubai – for the initial excitement,  for the tears that followed, and for the acceptance that taught me to see what I had refused to, earlier.
  • To my partners-in-crime. Rajni, who has loyally read most of my writing, and Aishwaria who has not yet managed to read beyond the first page.
  • To Archana – my friend, my editor.  For her critique and her plaudits.
  • To all my English teachers, from Kalyani Nambiar who gave me the first glimpse of the beauty of the language – her teaching aids, the good old ear-pinching and  caning, were infinitely more effective than anything I can come up with today – to Linda Roth who taught me (albeit without the aforementioned aids) to see and hear the finer nuances of the same.  Like my son says, you guys are awesome!
  • To my friends, my pillars.  In alphabetical order, Honey, Seema, Suma and Viswadeepa – you stood by me despite all your misgivings!
  • To my boys, Aniruddh and Aditya, for their total, complete, my-mother’s-an-author-you-know kind of belief in my abilities.
  • First of all, to my husband, Shiva – I am because you are.


Phew!!! I think my dedication itself will take up a good few pages!


Oops! I forgot to mention Kanishka Gupta, my agent, who’s walking the fine line between preparing me for the inevitable disappointment of an impending rejection, and keeping me cheerful enough to not sink too low when it comes.  Among other things like assessing editing, updating…

And, yes, my cousin Preetha whose staunch belief in my abilities does a world of good to my general level of confidence; and my other cousin, Maya, who’s still sceptical.

Too, my in-laws, Shiva’s relatives, who actually accepted my ‘áuthor-hood’ without blinking.

I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten at least a dozen other people who really mean a lot to me.  Anyway, I have all the time in the world before this bit meets the printer – I’ll just keep adding…


2 thoughts on “Dedication

  1. Deepa

    Thats what I call being prepared…….you never know when you are going to need it…….and I’m sure it’ll be soon…….all the very best


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